The Spiroergometry solution for swimming


Swim Option


Benefit from the performance diagnostics through spiroergometry also in swimming. With the specially developed Swim Option for METAMAX® 3B, CORTEX enables exact performance physiological examinations even in water.

The highlights:

  • suitable for a flow channel, pool and open water
  • ergonomically designed special snorkels for freestyle and backstroke swimming with an integrated saliva suction device and splash-water protection
  • integrated heart rate module with 5 kHz technology under water and Bluetooth® communication over water
  • waterproof, shockproof transport case
  • 12-hour operating time using battery option


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The spiroergometry solution
for mobile use

To use the CANOPY option you need to connect it to our mobile spiroergometry device METAMAX®3B. It enables the complete medical functional analysis of the lungs, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress.

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