Spiroergometry involves the parallel examination of reactions of a person’s heart, lung, vascular and metabolic system while under physical stress. Using a face mask or mouth piece, the respiratory gas is guided through a volume sensor that registers all physical features of a person’s breathing. Via a suction system connected to it, gas samples can be regularly taken from the person’s respiratory flow. They are analysed in the system to determine the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Basic measurements entered during ergospirometry are: respiratory volume and frequency, oxygen intake, carbon-dioxide output and heart rate. Having these, other parameters can be determined such as minute volume, gas exchange rate and breath equivalents for oxygen and carbon dioxide. Based on this, sophisticated statements can be made as to the performance of different organs. Synonyms for spiroergometry are ergospirometry, cardiopulmonary exercise testing and metabolic performance testing.
Spiroergomtry infografik


Where is spiroergometry used?

Spiroergometry in medicine

Medical In medicine, limitations of the cardiopul- monary overall system are precisely analysed by using Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing systems based on differential diagnosis. The respiratory gas analysis is often combined with ECG monitoring. The main advantage of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing compared to examina- tions when at rest: Certain symptoms of diseases, as e.g. dyspnoea or a sudden drop in performance, only occur when under physical stress and can thus be diagnosed much easier and at an earlier stage.

Spiroergometry in sports

In high-performance sport, an athlete’s performance is precisely measured using parameters such as the maximum oxygen intake at a maximum heart rate and respiratory thresholds which precisely show an athlete’s performance. The measurements allow developing optimal training plans and methods and in particular the planning and monitoring of enhanced performance.

Spiroergometry for health and fitness

A third application is health and fitness. By means of ergospirometry the individual energy consumption of a human being can be determined precisely. For instance, you can analyse how many calories your body consumes under rest or under your specific training conditions.  Additionally, you can find out how much carbohydrates, fat and proteins the body consumes. With this knowledge it is possibile to determine the exact point where fat burning is at maximum level. In contrast to all other existing measuring methods, spiroergometry is the most exact practice. 


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explained in a short film

In this film a typical test is shown. Often the breath analysis is combined with a ecg-device. The user controls the test procedure by the integrated software. When the test is finished the results can be analyzed easily. All results are presented in a test report and can be compared with former indications. 

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