The METALYZER® 3B is a portable high resolution spiroergometry system with Breath-by-Breath technology.
The system allows a complete medical analysis of the functionality of a person’s lung,
heart and metabolism at rest and under stress.


  • portable Breath-by-Breath system 
  • internal battery allowing a 12-hour running time (available as an option)
  • Bluetooth® LE for connection to HF, SpO2, power meters and other measuring devices
  • interfaces to numerous types of ECGs
  • USB or Bluetooth® connection to a PC
  • front display with LED status indicators
  • push-pull connectors protecting against reverse polarity and damages
  • minimal need for maintenance
  • long calibration intervals
  • O2 sensor with long lifespan
  • constant and dynamic flow control
  • modular future-proof system set-up

Would you like

to see it in action?


Whether in the fitness club or the doctor's office, whether in the hospital or the Olympic test center, use the METALYZER® 3B together with the powerful application software MetaSoft® Studio to exploit the full potential of spiroergometry.


Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, the MetaLyzer® 3B can be easily and flexibly transported from one measuring station to the next (The photo was taken at bace camp 1 on Mount Everest.).


The METALYZER® 3B is often referred by our customers as the workhorse. It works extremely reliably with minimal effort during adjustment and maintenance.

Performance Package

The METALYZER® 3B performance package already comes with the most widely used hardware and software options in the area of sports and preventive medicine. In addition, the package includes a calibration set, a mask extension set and a larger stock of consumables.

Service Package

The service package includes all consumables (calibration gas, O2 sensors etc.) for the first three years. It gives you high planning reliability for your projects and test studies thanks to an extended warranty period of three years. In addition, your operating costs are much lower by purchasing the service package.

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