Here you can find a small selection of suitable devices that are easily compatible with our systems. In addition, our MetaSoft® Studio application software provides a large number of interfaces for measuring devices of other suppliers. Please contact us for a list of deliverable or compatible manufacturers and models.


Determine oxygen repletion with Nonin® pulse oximeter

The Nonin® pulse oximeter WristOx2® model 3150 delivers very accurate measurements for all sorts of patient groups and attitudes. It makes it possible to carry out cardiological supervision of out-patients, wireless remote monitoring and overnight feasible studies, both in the hospitals and in a private setting.

  • a well-thought-out, intuitive operating concept
  • Bluetooth® 2.0 technology with a range of up to 100 m
  • measuring technology for use in clinical studies, among others
  • high skin compatibility according to the guidelines (RoHS)
  • extremely robust technology for intensive, long-lasting use in clinics and private households

Non-invasive measurement of cardiac output

The PhysioFlow® Enduro is a high-resolution impedance-cardiography device. Use it to continuously measure cardiac output, stroke volume and ejection fraction non-invasively, non-complicance-based and without influencing the spiroergometry.

  • non-invasive determination of the cardiac output
  • objective findings independent of patient cooperation at rest and under load
  • portable, lightweight system
  • accurate assessment of the haemodynamic condition
  • measurement on treadmill and ergometer

Heart rate measurement with BT Smart HF-belt

We recommend the use of a convenient chest belt for monitoring the heart rate. The heart rate is transmitted automatically to the METAMAX®3B or METALYZER®3B by means of a stable and energy efficient Bluetooth® transmission.

  • Bluetooth® Smart-technology and encrypted 5 kHz-signal transmission
  • comprehensive connectivity to physical fitness apps and diagnostics devices
  • comfortable grip by means of an elastic belt, soft materials and secure locking system
  • integrated connection to the spiroergometry software

1- or 3-channel ECG with custo guard

Using the 1- or 3-channel ECG custo guard, we offer mobile electrocardiography measurement in the practical sports belt. 

  • energy-saving wireless transmission to METAMAX®3B or METALYZER®3B
  • simultaneous display of spiroergometry and ECG in MetaSoft®Studio
  • light weight and reliable grip, even with extreme physical activity
  • waterproof

Resting / Stress Test ECG custo cardio 400

An improved pacemaker detection, the new custo true wave® filters, a sampling rate of up to 32 kHz and the high functionality transform the custo cardio 400 into a 12-channel ECG of the latest generation.

  • a sampling rate of up to 32 kHz
  • data transmission via USB and Bluetooth®
  • defibrillation protection for dielectric strength of 5000 V
  • suction capacity of 6 steps, 0-280 mbar
  • electrode check with automatic indication of quality

The mobile 12-channel-ECG custo cardio 300

The mobile 12-channel resting/stress test ECG has integrated LEDs which give information about the signal quality.

  • sampling rate up to 32 kHz for higher resolution and improved pacemaker detection
  • start/stop button for ECG recording
  • battery runtime of 10 hours

Blood pressure measurement option in conjunction with the CORTEX Bike M

You can supplement the blood pressure option using the ergometer CORTEX Bike M. The delivery includes a standard cuff. Other cuff sizes can be obtained on request.

Automatic blood pressure measurement with Suntech® Tango M2

The Tango M2 conceived for stress tests on the treadmill and ergometer was specifically developed to filter out signal interferences caused by movements of the test persons.

  • display of the systolic reading in less than 15 seconds, or of the whole blood pressure reading within 30 seconds
  • automatic communication with METAMAX® 3B and METALYZER® 3B
  • close measuring intervals selectable at time-critical moments or patient emergency situations

Find all spiroergometry extensions and matching accessories in our new catalog:

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