Recommended Books
about Spiroergometry

Kardiopulmonale Leistungsdiagnostik

by Prof. dr. med. F.W. Schardt; Company medical examination office
the University of Würzburg with the participation of Stefan Bedel; University of Würzburg
1st edition March 2005
ISBN 3-925477-05-5
€ 39.90 (Price includes VAT plus delivery costs)

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Kursbuch Spiroergometrie - Technik und Befundung verständlich gemacht

by Rolf F. Kroidl
Stefan Black
Burghart Lehnigk
1st edition 2007, Georg Thieme Verlag KG
ISBN No .: 3-131-43441-4

Exercise testing and interpretation

by Christopher B. Cooper
University of California, Los Angeles
Thomas W. Storer
El Camino Community College, Los Angeles
ISBN: 9780511036163
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pages: 290

Ergospirometrie beim Pferd zur Belastungskontrolle

by Christel Heipertz stallion
Katrin Sophie Heipertz
Dietmar Steinmetz
VVB Laufersweiler publishing house
ISBN No .: 978-3835958999

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