Perform up to 4 spiroergometry tests simultaneously

The Test Control Center (TCC) allows you to perform and monitor up to four spiroergmetry tests at the same time. Moreover, you will be completely free and flexible to choose which spiroergometry devices, ergometers and peripherals you want to combine with each other. For example, you can use up to four METALYZER® 3B, METAMAX® 3B or any combination of the CORTEX devices and then combine these with treadmills or bicycle ergometers of your choice.

TCC basis packageThe basic package is your introduction to the Test Control Center (TCC). This includes the software license for
MSS Test Control Center, a complete METALYZER® 3B package with corresponding accessories and the application software MetaSoft® Studio, including connections, adapters and masks, as well as one BT Smart HR belt for measuring heart rate.

TCC extensionWith the TCC extension package you can gradually purchase up to three addional CORTEX spiroergometry devices including the accessories required for the number of test persons.


The all-rounder among the ergometers

With its simple operating concept, low boarding height and electrically adjustable seat, the CORTEX Bike M is the ideal ergometer for daily use in clinics, hospitals and training facilities.


  • open, low entry
  • continuous, electrical seat height adjustment
  • patient weight up to 200 kg
  • high stability
  • LCD display with remote control, ergometry and manual operation
  • large workload range (6-1000 Watts)
  • optional blood pressure measurement and/or SpO2

The extension for measuring the basal
and resting metabolic rate

The CORTEX CANOPY-Option for METALYZER® 3B makes it possible to measure the basal metabolic rate and the resting metabolic rate without the test persons being affected by the mask.
  • reliable measurement according to the gold standard
  • particularly suitable for long measurements (without a mask)
  • easy to clean and to disinfect
  • fully automatic control of the hood ventilation
  • high patient safety due to the automatic alarm function


The Test Control Center is ideal for intensive training centers, sports centers and rehabilitation facilities, where a large number of athletes and patients are supposed to be looked after, or where many comparative tests are created within a narrow time window, e.g. during aptitude tests for young cadres.
Each test can be started, monitored and stopped completely independently of the others, so that all test persons can pass their individual test. The software clearly presents all intuitively utilizable controls for the four tests.

Find all spiroergometry extensions and matching accessories in our new catalog:

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