Astronaut Alexander Gerst takes our METAMAX® 3B to the ISS.

In summer, the German astronaut Alexander Gerst will start his space mission on the ISS. This is the first time a mobile spiroergometry device will be in space. During six months, Alexander Gerst will use the METAMAX® 3B to determine the impact of the space journey on the human organism. Not only the launch into space is exhausting. Being in orbit, the fitness changes and the journey back to earth is often more exhausting than the beginning.

The project which is accompanied by the Institute of Aerospace of the TU Dresden is not just about assessing astronaut's fitness level. The results of the experiment will help to optimally prepare
future space tourists on their flight into space. 

Highlights of the METAMAX® 3B

  • ultralight, mobile Breath-by-Breath system (580 g)

  • telemetric range of over 1,000 m (bi-directional telemetry with Bluetooth® technology)

  • chest and back carrying system

  • convenient control via Smart Control, laptop or as stand-alone

  • 6-hour battery life

  • 400 hours data storage

  • constant dynamic flow control

  • free definable audio signals

New: Swim Option


Benefit from the performance diagnostics through spiroergometry also in swimming. With the specially developed Swim Option for METAMAX® 3B, CORTEX enables exact performance physiological examinations even in water.

The highlights:

  • suitable for a flow channel, pool and open water
  • ergonomically designed special snorkels for freestyle and backstroke swimming with an integrated saliva suction device and splash-water protection
  • integrated heart rate module with 5 kHz technology under water and Bluetooth® communication over water
  • waterproof, shockproof transport case
  • 12-hour operating time using battery option



Whether in snow and ice at temperatures of down to 10 ° C below zero, or in the desert at temperatures up to 40 ° C, the METAMAX® 3B is insensitive to extreme outside temperatures.


With a weight of just under 600 g, the METAMAX® 3B is the lightest mobile
spiroergometer on the market. This is a decisive advantage in many disciplines, because in field tests, the total weight of the subject increases only minimally and has little influence on your test results.


The burden of firefighters in action is difficult to simulate in the lab. When heat, stress, respiratory protection, high weight of the equipment and other effects come together, it is particularly important to measure their influence on the subject in combination.

Would you like

to know more?

Performance Package


The METAMAX® 3B already comes with the most widely used hardware and software options in the area of sports and pre- ventive medicine. It also includes the CORTEX GPS module and a stationary kit for optimal use of the METAMAX® 3B in a laboratory with an external electricity supply. Furthermore, the package includes a calibration kit and a larger supply of consumables.

Service Package


The service package includes all consumables (calibration gas, O2 sensors etc.) for the first three years. It gives you high planning reliability for your projects and test studies thanks to an extended warranty period of three years. In addition, your operating costs are much lower by purchasing the service package.

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