In this difficult corona time, new questions or even challenges arise for spiroergometry. We would like to inform you in detail about the current possibilities offered by CORTEX.

Temporary student access to the MetaSoft® demo version

In order to enable our university users to teach with CORTEX systems even under the currently massively restricted circumstances, we have been offering the "Education" login since MSS 5.11. Teachers have the possibility to send real test data to all students as mss-testfiles. They can then import the data into the MSS demo version installed on their own PC and work with it accordingly. You can find the free download on our download server. Instructions and installation notes can you find here.

CORTEX Disposable turbine

It is the most preferred option being used across the health and sporting sector during this pandemic. A single use turbine, that can easily be mounted on the facemask and disposed at the end of the measurement. We have seen an immediate adoption of the disposable turbine across different fields and the key benefits of using it are:

  • no cleaning/disinfection required - disposed immediately after use
  • Turbine is pre-calibrated - no flow calibration required
  • very easy handling - quick assembly on the mask adapter

Note:  To replace to the CORTEX disposable turbines, the volume flow electronics must also be replaced.
Please also observe our cleaning and disinfection instructions:


Order-No. 136-01-020


Order-No. 130-01-020


Order-No. 236-01-020


Order-No. 200-01-020

CORTEX Disposable turbine, VPE100

Order-No. 010-15-500

Thermostable mask adapter

If the hygienists of your institution prefer thermostable instruments, you can order a mask adapter designed for this purpose from CORTEX.

Thermostable mask adapter

Order-No. 010-00-108

Bacteria & virus filter (BVF)

Developed for highly-risk areas where CPET must be performed. The BVF provides additional safety in the surrounding environment within a lab. We recommend this option to be used preferably indoors for cycle testing:

Pulmosafe  bacteria & virus filter (BVF), VPE100

Order-No. 500-00-019

BVF mask adapter

Order-No. 010-00-105

BVF-adapter from to disposable turbine

Order-No. 010-00-106

BVF-adapter from to reusable turbine

Order-No. 010-00-107

Extended warranty

We would like to support all customers who had to close their laboratories and diagnostics for a certain period of time due to the pandemic and who have renounced the CORTEX equipment with a 6-month warranty extension at a special price. Should you wish to extend the warranty by a full year at a time, we will add the following half year free of charge (1.5 years at the price of 1 year).


Order-No. 690-01-030


Order-No. 690-01-020

If you wish to order or require further information on any of the items above, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local distributor.

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