meta control 3000

The perfect connection between spiroergometry and ECG.

meta control 3000 connects the CORTEX METALYZER® to the successful 12 lead ECG offered by custo med. This optimally adjusted and compatible system ensures convenient and easy-to-use cardiopulmonary diagnostics.
Aside from the measurement systems, the components delivered comprise a bicycle ergometer called CORTEX bike M, a powerful computer with peripherals and the software MetaSoft® Studio as well as custo diagnostic. If desired, the devices are integrated into the portable system cart called CORTEX mobile PLUS.


  • 12-lead ECG and VO 2 testing fully integrated in one sophisticated software
  • One database offers quick and easy access to patient data
  • Assess cardiac and pulmonary function during exercise with one single test
  • Allows differential diagnosis between cardiac, respiratory, circulatory, and muscular disease
  • Superior ease of data collection and Dual-Monitoring-System for optimal viewing
  • Absolute synchronicity and resolution
  • Allows the ability to synchronize any breath within the test to the specific ECG of that point in time (breath-by-breath, and beat-by-beat)
Komplettmessplatz meta control 3000

The complete cardiopulmonary 
functional analysis in one system


  • heart insufficiency
  • assessment
  • pulmonary arterial hypertonia
  • clarification of an unclear dyspnoea
  • prevention examinations / check-ups
  • metabolic syndrome
  • training advice / lifestyle intervention
  • resting / stress ECG
  • measurement of the metabolic rate
  • spirometry

Reliable Respiratory
Gas Analysis

For successful spiroergometry it is very important that the mask fits perfectly and is fixed tightly. To ensure optimum fitting, the breathing mask sets are available in various sizes and fits for adults and children. 

Measuring Blood Pressure Automatically

You have the option to automatically measure your blood pressure – by using e.g. the SunTech Tango M2 monitor.

Measuring Cardiac Output

PhysioFlow® Enduro™ is a portable non-invasive device used to measure ­the heart volume (cardiac output) while under physical strain. 

All Modules Smartly Integrated

The rolling cart CORTEX mobile PLUS offers sufficient room for all testing tools and computer equipment. When using the mobile spiroergometer METAMAX® 3B, CORTEX delivers an appropriate holder for the meta control 3000 device.

Monitoring Heart Function

The spiroergometry system can be linked to various ECG and heart rate measuring devices. CORTEX recommends – for example – the following ECG systems: 

  • Polar®Heart Rate Sender Set H7
  • Polar® Heart Rate Sender Set T34
  • Polar® Heart Rate Receiver incl. cable
  • custo cardio 200 BT (HRV)
  • custo cardio 100 BT/ERG (HRV)
  • 1-lead ECG set for METAMAX® 3B
  • 3-lead ECG set for METAMAX® 3B
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