The unique spiroergometry solution for swimming

CORTEX enables you to conduct innovative tests of performance physiology in water using
METASWIM which was explicitly developed for swimmers.

METASWIM in a Swimming Pool

METASWIM in a Swimming Tube

Thanks to specifically designed snorkels for backstroke and free-style, physical fitness and performance can be examined there where the athlete is in his or her element: in the flow channel, in the pool or in open water. High wearing comfort, spray water protection and active saliva removal ensure the athlete’s mobility and correct measuring results. During the performance test, the proven CORTEX telemetric device sends precise data wirelessly to the MetaSoft® Studio software and this way guarantees an exact analysis of physical parameters. Even the heart rate can be measured reliably during workout.

You want to see the
METASWIM in action?

at a Glance

  • breath-by-breath spiroergometric system
  • almost unlimited test times
  • snorkels with special design and active saliva suction
  • battery-run measuring unit with a service time of up to
    8 hours without need to replace the battery
  • wireless data transmission to the measuring PC
  • reliable heart rate measurement
  • easy cleaning and disinfection of the snorkels and measuring device
METASWIM by CORTEX medical_mobil

Scope of Delivery

  • MetaSwim system unit
  • Snorkel Assembly (4x freestyle/breast and backstroke)
  • Calibration Kit for METASWIM
  • Hygiene Kit for METASWIM
  • METASWIM heart rate
  • METASWIM retrieving unit
  • METASWIM wire basket
  • tube-in-tube gas sample line
  • Saliva removal line
  • protection filter from moisture for gas sample line
  • CORTEX Fast Charger
  • Jar Drierite Drying salt
  • funnel for Drierite Drying salt
  • PC equipment
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