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Then tell others!
For each recommendation you and the new customer will receive great rewards worth up to 1,850 € in total!

Not a customer yet?

You are not yet one of our customers but you know someone who is? Then become a customer now and benefit from our reward programme as well.


First: Write down the serial number of your CORTEX product and send it to your acquaintance who wants to become our customer. Add your name, your company’s name, your e-mail address and the desired reward.
Second: Your acquaintance should then call us at:  +49 341 48749-0 or contact us by e-mail to: and refer to our “Customers canvass customers” programme.
Third: After buying one of the new products METAMAX 3B, METALYZER 3B or meta control 3000 the new customer and the recommending customer will each receive one of the three rewards listed below four weeks after full payment of the purchase price.

Our rewards for existing customers:

  • a shopping voucher for CORTEX products worth 350 € or 
  • a voucher for a half-day training at your business site or 
  • a new O2 sensor.

Our rewards for new customers:

  • an extension of the product’s warranty by one year or
  • a shopping voucher for CORTEX products worth 500 € or
  • a voucher for a full-day training at your business site.

Details and conditions of participation of the “Customers canvass customers” offer:

Any customer of CORTEX Biophysik GmbH who is of age (CORTEX employees excluded) is entitled to participate and canvass new customers. New customers are persons who until now have not yet purchased a product from CORTEX or from a CORTEX distributor. In the context of this offer the recommending customer and the new customer each receive one of the three rewards listed on this website. If one party wishes to forgo his or her reward, the other party is still entitled to receive his or her reward. The rewards are granted four weeks after full payment of the purchase price. CORTEX reserves the right to exclude existing customers from this special offer if there are indications of improper use. The data of the existing customer transmitted by the new customer are only used for comparing them with the existing customer’s data already stored. The data are not forwarded to any third party. Upon request of the existing customer his/her data will be deleted. The “Customers canvass customers” offer expires on December 31, 2017.

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